Single COVID vaccine shot 96.6% effective in preventing virus-related deaths: Centre

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The central government has said that a single shot of the COVID vaccine can prevent up to 96.6 percent of virus-related deaths.


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Updated: Sep 10, 2021, 08:31 AM IST

The COVID vaccination drive in India is continuing with full force across all states, even when the threats related to the third wave of the pandemic loom over the nation. Experts have been urging everyone to get their vaccine shots to prevent the further spread of the pandemic.

In a recent report issued by the central government, the data shows that a single shot of the COVID vaccine can be effective in preventing 96.6 percent of all COVID-related deaths in the country, while the second dose of the vaccine pushed the statistic up to 97.5 percent.

The Ministry of Health stated this observation after months of analysis. The ministry observed the data from April to August of this year, when the second wave of the COVID pandemic was peaking across the country, while lakhs of people were getting vaccinated each day.

Further, the analysis of the central government states that most of the deaths during the second wave of the pandemic occurred among the unvaccinated population, backing its observation that the COVID vaccination can prevent death due to the virus.

The central government has further announced that over 58 percent of the country’s population has received the first dose of the COVID vaccine while around 18 percent of the people have been fully vaccinated till now. As per government reports, the total number of COVID vaccines administered in India has crossed the 72 crore mark.

While people fear the third wave of the pandemic across the country, the second wave has not fully subsided in some areas. India is still reporting over 35,000 COVID cases across the country daily, most of which are from the state of Kerala.

Recently, the data from Delhi showed that the national capital has reported zero deaths in the past 24 hours. Many states have also decided to reopen the educational institutes for students in senior classes as the number of cases across the country has decreased significantly.

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