In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta sleeps in Karan’s bed and he decides to sleep in the balcony. Because of their argument, Karan doesn’t enter the room even when it starts raining. Karan finally asks Preeta’s to open the door and let him in. Preeta asks Karan to change his clothes because they are all wet. Karan changes in the same room as Preeta and tries to kiss her. Mahira who is continuing to spy on Karan and Preeta gets jealous. Later that night, Karan falls sick because the rain and Preeta takes care of him.

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In the upcoming episodes, Karan wakes up next to Preeta with his cold and fever cured. He regrets being nice to Preeta and forgetting how she hurt his family.

When Karan leaves the room, Sarla calls up Preeta and asks her to prepare her pehli rasoi for the Luthra Family and make something sweet.

Preeta is worried that no one will eat anything she makes because they all hate her and don’t want her around.

Sherlyn finds out Preeta’s plan for the pehli rasoi. Sherlyn and Mahira try to scare Preeta to leave the kitchen and fail to do so.

Sherlyn distracts Preeta with the help of Girish. When Preeta is away they mix red chilli powder in the gajar ka halwa.

Girish tells Preeta that her mother is calling her. Preeta speaks to her mother and says she misses them.

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