The Kannada film industry, which was supposed to meet the Chief Minister under the leadership of Shivarajkumar, finally got to meet BS Yediyurappa today. A team, which included Shivarajkumar, Yash, Duniya Vijay and Rockline Venkatesh among others, met the CM for a meeting, to discuss the various issues that the film industry faced due the pandemic and shared their views.
Shivarajkumar and Yash shared their views on the ongoing Sandalwood drug scandal when they were questioned by some mediapersons there. Shivarajkumar, who has worked with both Ragini and Sanjjanaa in films, told them, “Whatever happens, God is there, we will have to see. Since the issue is currently under investigation, I will not be able to share anything. I do not want to comment on the arrest of Ragini or Sanjjanaa.”

Yash also shared this thoughts on how the problem of drug abuse needs to be addressed globally. “The drugs menace is not limited to Kannada film industry along. This is something that plagues every industry worldwide. There are many youngsters who get trapped in this. The youngsters need to value their own lives,” he is reported to have said.

The two actresses, along with 12 others have been named in an FIR that has been registered by the CCB and they are currently under custody for investigation about the same. Ragini was arrested on Friday, following a day-long investigation and a raid at her home. On Tuesday, in a similar fashion, Sanjjanaa’s house was also raided and she was arrested after an interrogation at the CCB office that followed.

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