Akhil’s 5th film in direction of Surender Reddy has been announced officially. But the film did materialize only because of Ram Charan’s persistence. Here are the exclusive details….

Ram Charan is very fond of Akhil Akkineni and treats him as his younger brother. It was his idea to make the combination of Surender Reddy and Akhil happen. Charan requested his friend Surender Reddy to direct a film with Akhil Akkineni as the young hero is struggling to score a hit.

Ram Charan thought that Surender Reddy would give a new look to Akhil and stylishly present him. Surender Reddy readily obliged but he continued dodging on the announcement. 

The ‘Sye Raa’ director met other stars like Pawan Kalyan and Ram for collaboration. While a film with Ram didn’t work out, Pawan Kalyan’s might materialize two years later. As Surender Reddy is taking his own sweet time to decide, Ram Charan stepped in again and made Anil Sunkara produce it. Thus the film is happening.

Akhil’s fans should thank for Ram Charan for this project.

“You are one of the strongest people I know and I admire you in many ways. Keep that fire burning, Love you, my brother,” Akhil Akkineni posted this message on Ram Charan’s birthday. This shows bonding between them.

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