Sandalwood director Indrajith Lankesh alleged that drug addiction was rampant in the Karnataka film industry in the backdrop of the NCB busting a high profile drug case in the state.

His statement of casting aspersions on the death of a young actor recently had not gone down well with the film fraternity. He further stated that usage of drugs is  common among celebrities.

Meanwhile, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has submitted names of the celebrities found in the notebook of the accused for further action.

It is also said that, NCB is  all set to issue notices to the actors, actresses and celebrities of Sandalwood including music directors.

According to sources, the notices have been prepared based on the information and inputs given by the arrested accused, Anika and Ravindra.

Ankit, a special officer had been deputed to look into the case by the NCB and he had arrived into the city. It has now come to light that Sandalwood stars, particularly actresses, models music directors used to conduct rave parties after film releases and theaccused Anika used to supply drugs to them for parties.

The accused also explained to the police that, the stars came in search of drugs to her during lockdown time too. Reality show participants and the models were also part of this chain according to the accused.
Investigators have started the probe based on all these inputs. Sandalwood director Indrajith had openly stated that many of the Sandalwood actors and  actresses, music directors and directors have been drug addicts. But, his statement was condemned by the biggies in the Sandalwood.

Police Commissioner Kamal Panth called on those with specific information to share the samewith investigating agencies.
Anika, who herself was a reality show participant, had penetrated into the celebrity circles easily and shares a good rapport with many celebrities.

Reacting to the reports, Kannada actress Rachita Ram said she doesn’t even know that drug mafia existed in the City. Another actress Sharmila Mandre who was accused of using drugs clarified that the allegations levelled against her are baseless.

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