SHOCKING: Man spends Rs 5.8 lakhs on 17 body modifications, gets his ears removed

Man with 17 body modifications gets his ears removed

Man with 17 body modifications gets his ears removed&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Body modification is a strange hobby that takes the concept of make-over to new extremes. But despite all the risks associated with body alterations, there are many individuals who have turned it into their passion, or as some would say, a way of life.

Sandro, better known as Mr. Skull Face on social media, is one such body modification addict. Believe it or not, he has spent nearly £6,000 (Rs 5.8 lakhs) in making changes to his body, the latest one being the removal of his ears.

The 39-year-old, who hails from Finsterwaldein Germany, has undergone several procedures for changes on his forehead, back of the hand, and tongue. In 2019, he went for ear removal and kept the remainder of his surgery in a jar.

Sandro says his body transformation has influenced his life and it has nothing to do with looking ‘cool’. However, his explanation has not stopped netizens from criticising him.

“My transformation has influenced my life, but I don’t care. I should be accepted as a person, and above all because of my inner values. My appearance has had a huge impact on my chances of getting a job because a lot of companies are still very conservative and prefer to go with the flow,” he was quoted by LadBible.

Sandro says he does not care much about the criticism that comes his way but admits that he has often been rejected from jobs because of his appearance. He adds that his strange looks scare most people, but there are a few who find it interesting.

“Negative comments go in one side and out the other. It has strengthened my self-confidence above all,” said Sandro.

His friends have often tried to talk him out of body modifications but Sandro prefers to go his own way.

Until now, he has had 17 body mods and several tattoos and piercing. For the next one, he is planning to have the tip of his nose removed.

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