It’s been more than 3 months, yet the wound of Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise hasn’t healed even a bit. While many are calling it a case of suicide, many others believe that Sushant didn’t take his own life and it was a planned murder. A ray of hope came out as the Supreme Court recently handed over the case to CBI and now everyone is waiting for the truth to come out.

Meanwhile, Sushant’s family is still finding it hard to fight the loss. Recently, Sushant’s niece Katyayni Aarya Rajput penned a heart-warming note addressing the late actor by the nickname ‘Gulshan Mamu’.

She shared a lovely picture of her with him and in the caption, she wrote – “Gulshan mama, I love you more than the universe. You were and still are the most precious person to me. I always thought that sometime in the future we would look up at the sky and discuss the mysticism in reality. Your talks about life always mesmerised me and always pushed me to do better, I never thought that I would have to see such a day when I would never be able to hear your voice again. You were more than what others thought of you, you were more than what I thought of you. You were more than what you thought of yourself. You were and still are an unstoppable force of energy that was too much for this world to contain. You once told me that we in reality never really die and I really want to believe you but it gets harder by each and everyday. I just wish I could travel into a parallel universe where the world is a better place and we are together smiling, star-gazing and laughing at the “intellectual” jokes you make.

I always imagined that when I would grow up I would take you to my house, in the hills and see the pride in your eyes as you looked at me with a satisfied smile. I know in some parallel universe I would be fortunate enough to see that, but it pains me when I realise that it would not be this universe.”

“But I must not let my grieve drag me down and hamper my evolution because it would be a shame if I allowed it to happen. Your blood flows through my veins and I intend on making full use out of it. Gulshan mama, I am going to make you proud. I will always love you Gulshan Mama ❤️,” she concluded.

Sushant’s fans poured in their love on this emotional note. Some asked Katyayni to stay strong in the difficult times, while others assured that the late actor remains to stay alive in all of our hearts.

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