New Delhi: While CBI has amped-up its investigation in the mysterious death case of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, and has in fact, recreated the crime scene at his Bandra residence, family friend Nilotpal Mrinal in conversation with Zee News raises some serious questions. 

Nilotpal Mrinal is Sushant’s family friend. So far, the key maker who was asked to fix Sushant’s lock in his revelations said that after Siddharth Pithani called him for the job, he said this is a computerised lock and will take at least an hour or so to make a key for it. If you want to open the door then there is no option but to break it. 

Now, in order to understand the whole scenario, Nilotpal, who had previously gone to the actor’s room after the incident, visited a similar flat with Zee News correspondent to explain the working of the computerised lock and whether what those present in late actor’s house on the date of his death are claiming stands true or not. 

Nilotpal said, “if someone locks the door from outside and there is no key then it is very difficult to open the door. There are special dots in the key for this type of computerised lock. So, there is no other option than to break the door.”

However, in such locks, there are at least 2-3 duplicate keys and it is highly questionable that all the keys to a house worth Rs 4.5 lakh monthly rent went missing.

Also, the social media is abuzz with eyebrows raising on facts related to Sushant’s height, the ceiling fan height and the distance of the bed which makes the alleged suicide theory highly questionable. 

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead at his Bandra residence on June 14, 2020. 

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