The entire SmackDown roster took the fight to RETRIBUTION on this week’s special episode, which marked the beginning of WWE ThunderDome. The roster came out and saved Braun Strowman from a RETRIBUTION beatdown, and the Superstars chased away the members of the faction.

Instead of being thankful for the save, Braun Strowman snapped and ended up attacking Drew Gulak and Jey Uso, who tried to help him get back up on his feet. It was, of course, all done to push Strowman’s changed demeanour and new heelish character.

Drew Gulak’s reaction to Braun Strowman’s attack

Drew Gulak reacted to the attack following SmackDown in a backstage interview. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion said that he just tried to do the right thing by helping Braun Strowman after the assault.

Gulak said that Strowman didn’t set the right example as a Champion, and he even sent a message to the Monster Among Men. Gulak said that he is ready for a fight, and Braun Strowman knows where to find him if the Champion wishes to have a throwdown.

Here’s what Gulak said:

“How am I feeling? Ah, yeah, these dudes RETRIBUTION, they come in here, they tried to mess things up. I think RETRIBUTION, they are a bunch of cowards, honestly. They tried to backdoor their way in here and break things up. We sent those dudes back and, but then Braun, (laughs), man I tried to help him up. He’s our Champion, right? I was trying to the right thing, help him up. He turns around and clobbers me. That’s not how a Champion has to be, but Braun, I’ll tell you what man, dude, Braun, if you want to fight, you know where to find me. I’m not hard to find. Okay? That’s all I’m saying. So, yeah, I got to go commentate for 205 Live because the show must go on. So thank you for following up. Appreciate it.”

Gulak is surprisingly prepared for a fight with Braun Strowman, and we probably know exactly how that would go down. Strowman would ideally affiliate Gulak in the storyline. Strowman attacking Gulak, as noted earlier, was done to continue Strowman’s character transformation of being an unhinged monster hell-bent on destroying The Fiend.

Braun Strowman will defend the Universal title against The Fiend at SummerSlam inside the ThunderDome.

Published 22 Aug 2020, 11:00 IST

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