In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil starts talking about ‘Independence’ which a married man doesn’t get to celebrate. He also jokes about Archana Puran Singh wanting more ladoos in school on Independence day and also her tactics of making her husband Parmeet make household work. The comedian makes everyone laugh with his wisecracks on English among other things.

Kapil welcomes music-composer Salim Sulaiman. They share the work they have managed to do during the lockdown. Sulaiman plays the instrument he is carrying and Salim sings one of their numbers. It is enjoyed by everyone. Kapil jokes that Archana uses all the sanitisers even on her hair. She adds she even washes all her quilts outside her vanity van.

Salim shares that there was a time he did not speak to Sulaiman for four years. Salim shares if Sulaiman’s friend called him and he picked up the phone, he would ask his mom to convey that to Sulaiman. They did not talk at all.

Talking about the cause of their fight, Salim reveals that there was a comic book that belonged to Sulaiman that he cut out pictures from. Sulaiman then ended up fracturing his hand. He shares the equation is completely different, and they are ‘do dil, ek jaan, Salim aur Sulaiman.’

Kapil tells Salim-Sulaiman they do everything together, and then asks what is it that they don’t. Salim says they go to the bathroom alone.

The music-composer duo clarify they do not wish to join Bollywood as they want to focus on music. Kapil compares Sulaiman to Imran Khan. Sulaiman then reveals that he was once called Wasim Akram by someone on the ferry to Madh Island.

Krushna Abhishek enters as Sapna. He entertains Salim Sulaiman with his jokes on music and also talks about his famous massages. Salim then sings with Kapil. Kapil takes calls from virtual callers. They talk about what they really want freedom from and what they don’t want freedom from. All the callers seem enthusiastic.

Salim and Sulaiman then reveal interesting facts like who is lazier and who didn’t want to go to school. They also clarify a few rumours. In the end, Bachcha Yadav comes and entertains the audience with his antics.

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