On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, television actors from various shows share life changing lessons and the teachings from the life of Lord Krishna, that they follow in real life.

Kunal Jaisingh from Pavitra Bhagya shares, “Lord Krishna says that action, knowledge and devotion are the three ways to please him. These are definite methods to achieve happiness. Being knowledgeable helps one to perform the right action and work hard without worrying about the fruits of action. Being devoted to God helps to introspect and remove from the worldly desires. These three paths lead to the removal of illusion – and I have been folowwing them keenly”.

Manan Chaturvedi who was seen in Nagin 4 shares his lesson, “He gave a great lesson about liberation and bondage. He emphasised on being free from all kinds of negative and positive emotions. The ephemeral emotions include joy, sorrow, grief, happiness, and jealousy, are all illusions. All the beings are bonded due to lack of knowledge, once that is gained one would be free. I feel it is true in today’s life too”.

Actor Nishkarsh Kulshrestha talks about being free from the ego and pride. “One should remember to devote all that you do to God, and remember that it is him doing everything and that you are just a channel. Forgetting God and doing things, leads to focusing on results and the ego, which only strengthen the bonds of delusion and suffering.”

Nimki Vidhayak actor Manish Goel adds about how he lerant of the true purpose in life. “We may run all over the place chasing after things and be consumed in the world of desires and ego, but the sooner we realize that the only true purpose of life is God, the better chance we have at being free of suffering and torment. He said that a man is made by his belief – as he believes, so he becomes.”

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