Welcome to another edition of the top RAW backstage rumors that could have a major impact on WWE programming. In today’s edition, we will talk about the chances of Brock Lesnar’s return, the reason why Orton turned on Ric Flair and why a 12-time Champion had backstage heat.

With SummerSlam fast approaching, WWE provided fans with a solid episode of Monday Night RAW which saw Seth Rollins brutally attack his opponent for the PPV – Rey Mysterio‘s son Dominik.

We also saw ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton turn on his long time friend and mentor Ric Flair in surprising fashion. Why did Orton do this? Let’s find out!

#5 RAW Superstar Austin Theory could be released by WWE

Austin Theory, the young Superstar who was touted as the future of WWE has been absent for multiple weeks with no mention of him on RAW. Theory was part of Seth Rollins’ stable and abruptly stopped appearing on RAW with no explanation given to the fans.

Dave Meltzer revealed on Twitter that RAW Superstar Austin Theory is suspended right now for unknown reasons. Tom Colohue further corroborated the fact and added that there is a high chance that Austin Theory might actually lose his job in WWE.

“This is a situation that is very much personal to Austin Theory. There is a lot of moving parts to it. So I have to be careful with what I say. He has been gone a while with no mention because to put it simply; the WWE still aren’t sure whether he will have a job by the end of it. However, it could be that he simply comes back, gets back on TV even as early as two weeks from now and it all be forgotten about. There are many possible outcomes; at the moment, he is suspended.”

Published 11 Aug 2020, 14:15 IST

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