The Kapil Sharma Show update, August 9: Kapil turns into an air-hostess and flirts with Bachha Yadav

The Kapil Sharma Show update, August 9: Kapil turns into an air-hostess and flirts with Bachha Yadav

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Created: Aug 10, 2020, 11:27 IST


In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Bachha Yadav goes on a trip with Julie to Manali. Srman Jain asks Bachha to not disturb him. Sumona, who is off to Manali, steps onto the same ‘Surprise Jet’ and catches her brother-in-law red-handed with Julie. While they talk, Sapna makes her dashing entry and says she is going to Goa.

Bachha says how can the same plane travel to different destinations and calls the air hostess to confirm. Just then Kapil Sharma makes a surprise entry as the air-hostess and leaves everyone speechless with his woman avatar.

Rajiv Thakur steps in as a ‘coolie’ and everyone mocks him. Sapna takes everyone class and asks Srman to recite 90s tables. Air-hostess continually flirts with Bachha Yadav. It is revealed Srman was a kidnapper on the flight.

Kapil welcomes Amit Sadh, Madhurima Tuli, Darshan Kumar on his show. He cracks jokes on alcohol in sanitisers. He flirts with Madhurima and asks if she is married.

Sumona enters as a social media personality who is obsessed with likes and Rajeev Thakur plays the judge in their court, Kiku – the lawyer in Sunny Deol’s style. Krushna enters as Jackie Shroff and dances to ‘Tera Naam Liya, Tujhe Yaad Kiya.’ Kapil takes over the judge’s seat as Arora ‘saab.’

And, the fun continues.

1/7​​Kashmera Shah, Parmeet Sethi, Priyanka Sharda join their partners on The Kapil Sharma Show

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  • At first, Archana and Parmeet sat together with Kapil as the guest but as soon as Archana found a chance, she hopped on her couch. Kashmera and Krushna made an entry with a groovy dance sequence. They recall when they were doing a film together, they started talking and when she asked him about his “forthcoming” film, he replied saying ‘this is not my fourth film, it is my third film’. Kiku Sharda and wife Priyanka Sharda arrive on the set a little later and the Kapil throws the same question on them,” how much does Kiku help you”.To which Kiku replies,” I can’t I am scared. She wants everything symmetrical.”

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

  • 28 years ago, they both decided to get married at 11 pm. However, they could get married only in the morning as the Pandit had advised. Parmeet’s parents were reluctant that’s why they eloped. She said we ran together and not separately.

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

  • Krushna shared the secret that the couple had never mentioned before. They got married in the United States. Krushna went into the Red Mountains with Kashmera’s ‘firang friends’. A priest welcomed them and as he started speaking, Krushna kept nodding at everything to avoid embarrassment. Only when he announced that the couple is married he realised what had just happened. They decided to stay together for a year to see if the marriage worked out.

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

  • Kapil Sharma made a video call to a Punjabi family living in Kolkata, to a husband-wife in America too. They made jokes about how men are made to do all the work at home during the lockdown. And that wives are always making videos and posting it on social media. Parmeet said, ‘I literally have to check when Archana’s entering the room if she has a phone with her. And one time I literally locked myself in the bathroom.

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

  • The husbands have to take care of kids and pamper their wives too. It’s been a long time with their partners and they are coping up with it. But at least dollars are being saved as they are not stepping out on weekends.

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

  • He comes and sits beside Kashmera dressed as Sapna. He asks a question, “What would we call a gulab going to the moon? Gulabjamun”. He introduces a special massage for Parmeet named ‘Mud island massage’ in which as he explains, a person is thrown in the mud and lands there and says ‘aai mudaailand massage’.

    Well, there is yet another type of special massage- ‘The Kapil Sharma Show massage’ in which celebrities are not invited and ‘aise hi koi bhi aajata hai’. It leaves everyone in splits.

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

  • While he is leaving he says if Kashmera wasn’t there he wouldn’t have been such a big TV star and suddenly he gives a savage reply that he would’ve been a star in the movies.’

    (Image: Screenshot from the episode)

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