Jennifer Aniston on Friends reunion getting delayed due to COVID 19: You’re stuck with us for life guys

Jennifer Aniston is providing a positive spin to the highly-awaited Friends reunion special being delayed due to COVID-19. Read below to know why the 51-year-old actress is seeing it as the “glass is half-full” moment.

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The Friends cast was originally supposed to shoot for the reunion special in March.The Friends cast was originally supposed to shoot for the reunion special in March.

If 2020 were any different, by now we would have been rewatching the Friends reunion special multiple types as we do with the 236 episodes of the iconic sitcom. Originally, the Friends cast – Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer – was all set to shoot for the reunion at the series’ original soundstage, Stage 24 at the Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, California on March 23-24. Alas, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the reunion had to be delayed.

While a few cast members revealed that the team was possibly looking to shoot this month, it seems as though the delay still continues. However, Jennifer is providing a positive spin to the Friends reunion being delayed again. “It’s going to be super. You know what? This has also given us more time to make it even more exciting and more fun than it would have been,” Aniston shared with Deadline and added, “So I choose to see it as the glass is half-full that it got postponed. Look, we’re not going anywhere. You’re never going to get rid of Friends, sorry. You’re stuck with us for life guys.”

Moreover, the 51-year-old actress noted to Deadline that it was unfortunate and sad that they had to move the Friends reunion special again. But, Jennifer also made a valid point of how it was not a safe time due to COVID-19 to shoot the special with a live audience which is the bottom line. Period.

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While we’re eager to see the six actors under the same roof for the first time since Friends ended in 2004, it looks like we’ll have to wait for a long time before the reunion special is even shot.

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