In a video recording from the hospital, the singer said he was fine and will be discharged in two days.

Seventy-four-year-old Indian playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, who has tested positive for the novel coronavirus was admitted to the MGM Healthcare hosptal in Chennai on Wednesday morning. The singer who has won multiple national awards and sung 40,000 songs in 16 languages, put out a video from his hospital bed clarifying that he is on the track to recovery and said that he will be discharged in two days.

In a Facebook live he did on Wednesday, the singer stated that the only symptom he had was a cold. However, over the last three days he had chest congestion and fever.

“Last two to three days I have been having a little discomfort. Discomfort means little chest congestion, which for a singer is nonsense. Phlegm forming and then cold and on and off fever. These three things, otherwise no problem. But I didn’t want to take it easy, so I went to the hospital and checked. So they said it was just a mild, mild, mild, very mild positive of corona. They said you can stay home and self quarantine yourself. But I didn’t want to do that. It is very tough in the place with all the family. They are very concerned, they can’t leave you alone. So I got admitted to the hospital,” the singer stated.

He, however, went on to say that his condition should not be a cause of any concern for his well wishers and fans. He further requested that people avoid calling him as he is required to take rest.

“All my friends are here, they are taking good care of me, I am in good hands.  And I have good health. Nobody has to worry about this one. So please don’t bother to call me to find out how I am,” he requested. “I am perfectly alright except the cold and fever. Fever has also subsided. In two days, I will be discharged and I will be home. Thanks for the concern. Lot of people have been calling me. I couldn’t attend all the calls. I have come here mostly to take rest so there won’t be any disturbance to me and to take medication. Don’t bother calling me. I am fine, I will be fine,” he concluded.

The singer was in a black shirt and wearing his glasses while recording the video. As soon as he posted it, he got a multitude of replies wishing him good health and a quick recovery.

During the lockdown period, he had composed and sung a song to promote awareness on coronavirus. 

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