Tempers have been flaring in the Hindi film industry lately on social media, and in a latest burst of obvious emotional rage, filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has tweeted to declare he is resigning from Bollywood.

Sinha, who has garnered a lot of fame and adulation directing ‘Mulk’, ‘Article 15’ and ‘Thappad’ in recent years, is known for his straightforward posts on social media. Never one to shy from even getting abusive occasionally, the filmmaker has not minced words to declare that he his calling it quits.

“ENOUGH!!! I hereby resign from Bollywood. Whatever the fu*k that means,” he wrote on his verified Twitter handle.

ENOUGH!!! I hereby resign from Bollywood. Whatever the fuck that means.

— Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood) (@anubhavsinha) 1595335145000

For the records, he has even changed his Twitter profile from Anubhav Sinha to Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood). His official twitter identity, of course, remains the same — @anubhavsinha

Ye lo. https://t.co/dpQDHleBTi

— Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood) (@anubhavsinha) 1595337811000

Filmmaker Sudhir Mishra tweeted a reply: “What’s Bollywood? I came 2be part of Cinema inspired by Satyajit Ray, Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, Ritwick Ghatak, Bimal Roy, Mrinal Sen, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, K Asif, Vijay Anand, Javed Akhtar, Tapan Sinha, Gulzar, Shekhar Kapur, Ketan Mehta, Bharatan n Aravindan etc. That’s where I’ll always be.”

What’s Bollywood?I came 2be partof Cinema inspired by Satyajit Ray ,Raj Kapoor,Guru Dutt,Ritwick Ghatak,Bimal Roy,M… https://t.co/1LtKf8kIhY

— Sudhir Mishra (@IAmSudhirMishra) 1595336002000

चलो दो लोग BOLLYWOOD से बाहर। अपन हिंदी फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री में रह के फ़िल्में बनाएँगे। यह ले अपनी लकुटी कम्बरिया, ब… https://t.co/6xsmVjwxBz

— Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood) (@anubhavsinha) 1595336306000

Je baat. Inko sambhaalne do Bollywood. https://t.co/DD78T9dMuL

— Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood) (@anubhavsinha) 1595337643000

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta responded: “”Chhor diya (left it) It never existed in the first place.”

Chalo Ek Aur aaya. Sun lo bhaiyon. Ab jab aap Bollywood ki baat kar rahe go to hamaari baat nahin kar rahe. https://t.co/xvCCg5TmEt

— Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood) (@anubhavsinha) 1595337690000

I didn’t know why I came. I just wanted to make movies. I have just started figuring out why though. https://t.co/bTkNB9iYGw

— Anubhav Sinha (Not Bollywood) (@anubhavsinha) 1595353696000

Most fans urged Sinha to continue filmmaking, even if it meant from outside Bollywood.

“Resign from Bollywood but continue ur good work in Hindi Film Industry or just Film Industry,” wrote a user.

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